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We are a youth and volunteer led development education charity. Our main aim is to engage young people in development issues and promote global citizenship. We achieve this through our India internship placement programme, our UK global citizenship workshop programmes as well as the DiA blog and across social media. Explore our website to find out more.  
We also have vacancies for workshop leaders. Click here for more information on the roles available and how to apply. Application Deadline: Midnight on Sunday 29 November 2015.

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Ron Mader / Creative Commons License (https://www.flickr.com/photos/planeta/16451794648/in/photolist-r4MKnS-zDj7rN-Bsrwqj-xQg5tg-AGzfPL-BcXQMd-AGySQq-BcXvas-AGEWrF-BE6cRn-BcXdv5-BwMUPD-BBLWLb-BwMMEZ-BcWYs5-AGyj9y-AGy9fq-BBLymb-B6yJic-AGDZgv-B6ytHa-BE5dWk-BcWerA-AGxq7s-B6y25R-BwLwtP-BE4FkK-BBKxqA-BcVAGU-BwLhvD-BE4spe-BcVt7U-BdfcoS-AGXECn-Bx5XkB-BuN5Bh-BC4WvY-BuN3JQ-BuN3oE-B6S4eV-B6S3m2-BuDxvu-BuQvG6-BnxkDc-BsrGoL-AWkajM-B3GEXs-BkgASJ-BnxhCx-BuQDF2)


In the first of a two-part series, Nina Rachet analyses the workings and possible outcomes of COP21, and the Paris treaty’s impact on investments and...

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