Welcome to Development in Action

We are a youth and volunteer led development education charity. Our main aim is to engage young people in development issues and promote global citizenship. We achieve this through our India internship placement programme, our UK global citizenship workshop programmes as well as the DiA blog and across social media. Explore our website to find out more.  

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India Calling : Reversing brain drain

Studying abroad, as many Indian students choose to do, causes a whopping $17 billion loss in revenues every year in India. Here, Mridulya Narasimhan examines the idea of reverse...
Hall way

Half Way: a story of homelessness

Government policies and the power of big businesses have led to a massive increase in the number of households evicted from their homes. Here, Claire O’Neill discusses...
© Luis Ascenso Photography/Creative Commons License

The Green Surge-ry

While politics in England appears to be heading down a dark path, with growing voter apathy and the rise of fear-based politics, Scotland is...

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