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We are a youth and volunteer led development education charity. Our main aim is to engage young people in development issues and promote global citizenship. We achieve this through our India internship placement programme, our UK global citizenship workshop programmes as well as the DiA blog and across social media. Explore our website to find out more.  

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Journalists and NGOs- working better together?

In this article, Lorraine Patch problematises the relationship between development agencies and media outlets, considering their differences, and exploring how they can work better together. ...
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Searching for Innovation in Rural India

Innovation is hailed as a great modern tool that can lift rural communities out of poverty. However, innovative new start-ups are facing problems that...
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The Tourist Rush to Cuba: Is it right?

As the relationship between the United States and Cuba opens up, Tal Gurevich raises important concerns about ethical travel.  Tal also unpacks the troubling fascination...