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To celebrate our first 200 blogs since we started in 2011 we thought we would take this opportunity to present our most read blogs of each year so you have the chance to reunite yourselves with some of our great articles!



Women in a garment factory

2011: The garment industry in Bangladesh – from a woman’s perspective

Marie Pettersson, explores the repercussions, the burgeoning garment industry in Bangladesh has on people’s lives with a particular focus on the gender inequality which exists within the supply chain.


©TAKEHIKO ONO/Creative Commons License

©TAKEHIKO ONO/Creative Commons License

2012: Cultural observations: the concept of “India time”

David Carzedda, one of our great volunteers, wrote a  piece, outlining his frustrations and the trials of moving to a new country and being faced with cultural differences such as ‘time’ in India.


Photo courtesy of OR Books

Photo courtesy of OR Books

2013: Unveiling female realities in south India: An interview with Tamil poet, Rajathi Salma 

Following the success of the film Salma, Louisa Jones was lucky enough to interview Rajathi Salma to gain an insight into the challenges of talking and acting openly in a conservative society.


Students in the Mi’gmaq Culture Room of Alaqsite’w Gitpu School, Listuguj. © Louisa Jones

Students in the Mi’gmaq Culture Room of Alaqsite’w Gitpu School, Listuguj. © Louisa Jones

2014: Every child in school: how Westernised education is shrinking knowledge in the 21st century 

Louisa Jones’ discussion of the homogenizing force of western style education she asks whether it is possible to learn from Canadian schools, which are designed to protect indigenous knowledge, thus allowing for cultural variations and equality.


© Save the Children /Creative Commons License

© Save the Children /Creative Commons License


2015: NGOs in South America: Better off without? 

Alexander Conesa-Pietscheck discusses the role of NGOs in the South American development success story, and whether nations would do better without them and the importance of NGOs and government institutions to work hand-in-hand to achieve development goals.


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