This coming year on the Development in Action Blog will contain our contributors’ thoughts, comments and analysis of a range of topics concerning development and global citizenship.

Alongside the numerous international development issues we will be covering, there are also a number of big political events which we will blog about that are of great political significance. These are:

  1. The biggest political event will likely be the 2016 US Presidential elections. The 8th of November will culminate with hundreds of millions Americans taking to the polls to elect the most powerful leader in the world. Who will be the the United States’ 45th elected president?
  2. The question of whether the United Kingdom remains in the European Union may be decided in 2016. The debate is hugely opinionated and will be fascinating to follow. Moreover, its consequences will be massive for Brits.
  3. This month sees the World Economic Forum take place again.


As a special treat to all you development minded people, we also have a little new year’s gift for you: The 3 most entertaining humanitarian hashtags of 2015.

We will also be bringing you more articles about the work Development in Action does, with participants’  thoughts on our UK school based citizenship workshops, and internship placements in India.

Thank you for reading in 2015, and we hope you continue to move forward with us in 2016.  Join us this year with a new article every Tuesday and Thursday!


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the views of Development in Action.


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