Monthly Archives: October 2016

Boats and sandbags on the shores of Lake Chad

Lake Chad: a forgotten crisis

Poverty, climate change and the influence of Boko Haram are causing a humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad Basin, which the world must address.
muslim school girls walking down road in Northern Afghanistan

I am not who you think I am

Rabia Nasimi explores the recent hardening of attitudes towards refugees and challenges preconceived ideas about why refugees come to the UK

Bilateral versus Multilateral Aid

In this article Megan Kilmister discusses bilateral and multilateral aid, looking at the differences between the two, and the arguments for and against these...
woman wearing a headscarf with her arm around a chid looking at a mobile phone

Calais: aid in the digital age

With the closure of the Calais refugee camp imminent, Megan Kilmister writes about an innovative campaign helping bring aid into the digital age by...

Migration: brain drain

The loss of skilled and educated individuals can slow a country’s progress and is especially damaging to the developing world. Sammy Fookes explores the...

The Real Size of Africa

There is a hidden debate regarding the real size of Africa. Many remain unaware of the distorted world map that we have come to...

The Great Wall of Catastrophe

In this article Meg discusses the build of the wall in Calais to keep migrants from crossing the border into the UK and the...