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hilary benn standing at lectern

DiA Interview | Hilary Benn

Ex-Secretary of State for International Development and current Chair of the Exiting the European Union Select Committee Hilary Benn talks to Luke Humphrey
two protestors standing outside a building wearing masks and holding banners that say freedom of expression now

Normative power: fact or fiction?

Are vested interests compromising the EU’s reputation as a champion of human rights and democracy? Saagar Dattani explores the issue

Achieving education for all

This week is International Education Week, a chance to observe progress made in global education, but barriers to a quality education remain both in...
girl standing in rain in muddy camp with tent in background

Myanmar: democracy delayed

Clashes between Muslims and government authorities and claims of human rights violations against the Rohingya people in Rakhine are an opportunity for Myanmar to...
illustration of a handshake with the earth in the background

TiSA: free trade, but for who?

The most recent international free trade deal, TiSA, has implications for developing countries at the table and for those excluded. Sam Airey investigates