Incredible India

The latest ‘Incredible India’ advert leaves you breathless and awestruck. It encompasses everything that is truly great about the nation. In light of the commercial, DiA’s Executive Committee discuss what makes India so incredible for them. You can also have your say on what defines ‘Incredible India’ by posting in the comment box below the article.

Kate Evans (UK Volunteer Support Officer)

Incredible India for me is overlooking the lake in Udaipur. Watching the sun set over the water while enjoying a cup of chai, taking a stroll along the shore and celebrating Diwali with fireworks and floating candles. Udaipur was an oasis of calm in an often hectic Indian adventure and one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

Mike Perry (General Member)

Incredible India for me is riding on the back of a motorbike through rural Rajasthan to visit a meeting place that no other foreigner has seen. It’s devouring a thali with your hands, staring down cows in the road, being caught up by a holy celebration (it happens more often than you’d think) or simply losing yourself in the serenity of a temple. Incredible India is every taste, scent, smell and moment.

Anna Burton (Chairperson)

Incredible India for me is discovering the inspiration for King Louis’ kingdom from the Jungle Book in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. Climbing steps to a secret palace and watching saris dry on the ghats below.

Will Jones (Magazine Officer)

Incredible India for me is the neighbourhood of Colaba in Mumbai. Nothing quite beats people watching by the Gate of India, relaxing in Leopold Cafe, joining in a game of street cricket and grabbing a pint of Indian brew while watching an IPL match in Colaba’s infamous Sports Bar.

Jessie Kirk (Development Education Officer)

Incredible India for me is sitting on a rock in Mamallapuram, Tamil Nadu – overlooking a landscape of historic temples and monuments. I will never forget walking through the historic temples that brought to life the epic stories of the Mahabharata. Incredible!

Kate Warburton (Secretary)

Incredible India for me is the atmosphere at the Golden Temple in Amritsar; the welcoming people, sitting by the tranquil lake at night with the white stone of the temple contrasting with the golden centre, participating in prayer.  I was amazed at the generosity and the community spirit shown in the communal eating, cooking (including chapatti making) and pot washing for hundreds of people daily.

Iain Hughes (Treasurer)

Incredible India for me is the time spent riding my bike, whether it was taking my life into my own hands for the daily commute or being overtaken by a man riding flat out on a galloping racehorse down the middle of a four-lane highway. There is no better way to get around!

Rachael Harrison (UK Volunteer Support Officer)

Incredible India for me is standing in a narrow alleyway in front of a small Hindu temple as myself and my newly acquired bicycle are blessed by a Holy man with; prayer, incense, a coconut held flame, jasmine and a red smudge across my forehead. India is waking up to the call to prayer, Hindu temple bells, or an Elephant procession outside your window, India is being given lunch by kind strangers on the train or walking past the local Buffalo on the way to work.

Roshni Mehta (Fundraising Officer)

Incredible India for me is walking around a wonderful market on Laxmi Road, Pune – the noise from venders, the smell of spices and this lady’s smile as she prepared her coloured powder to sell at Diwali.

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