Our Workshop Leaders

Fully trained and experienced workshop leaders help deliver our Global Citizenship Workshops. For information on our fantastic leaders this year, please see below:

Bori Betlen

Bori Betlen
Bori is currently studying Management Science at the University College London. As a teenager she competed in showjumping whilst also volunteering in her local stable working with disabled kids. Before going to university she took a ski instructor course in New Zealand and then worked in Switzerland. Educating all age groups from different parts of the world was an eye opening experience for her.  In the summer of 2015, the refugee crisis peaked in her native Budapest and she felt the need to help as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why she got involved in promoting Global Citizenship with DiA.

Josh Bullen


 Josh graduated from Coventry University in 2013 with a degree in Global Sustainability and currently works for Y Care International and NCS provider The Challenge. His interest in international development began when he travelled overseas on a university-funded research trip to the Gambia to study population growth.

In 2014/15 Josh volunteered overseas with Volunteer Service Overseas in the Philippines to raise environmental awareness, has lived in Andalusia, Spain researching sustainable living techniques with Sunseed Desert Technology and worked as the first ever Gardens Instructor for the Fresh Air Fund in New York State. Most recently, in 2016 Josh was a team leader with Y Care International ICS in Bangladesh focused on changing attitudes of local people towards the importance of education and has worked as a senior mentor with NCS The Challenge. Josh’s passion lies in youth engagement and social activism, something which he keen to bring to his DiA workshops


Kim Buchan

Kim is studying International Development at University of East London, she is currently volunteering alongside NUS for their Green Impact Programme encouraging others to be proactive climate conscious citizens. Her passion for development came after spending an eye-opening three years seeing the world and gaining invaluable experiences. In this time Kim spent 10 weeks in India working alongside youths and empowering individuals in rural villages through awareness raising, community participation and advocacy, the focus of this International Citizen Service programme was health and sanitation. The opportunity to continue sharing this knowledge and teach about global citizenship is an exciting prospect for Kim.

Richard Clifford

 Richard joined Development in Action in December 2016. Alongside his commitments with DIA, Richard is an Associate in the Geopolitics and Security Unit at the Polar Research and Policy Initiative. Richard has an Undergraduate degree in History and International Relations from the London School of Economics and a Masters Degree in Defence Development Diplomacy from Durham University. In his spare time Richard enjoys playing a lot of sport in particular Cricket and Football. He is looking forward to working with Development in Action going forward and organising a number of workshops.

Faiza Amin

faiza-amin-diaAfter graduating from studying History at SOAS, Faiza volunteered with Voluntary Services Overseas on the International Citizen Services programme in Nepal. Over 3 months, she worked on producing and managing creative education and community-led social development projects. She was shortlisted for the International Youth Volunteer Award for her work on the education programme with VSO. Since returning, she has become acutely aware of being a global citizen, and as such is actively seeking opportunities to build a social impact career both locally, and globally.

With Development in Action, Faiza is looking forward to finding creative ways to engage young people in ideas of global citizenship, encourage inter-cultural dialogue, and help raise their voices on the global issues they care about.

Oliver Deacock

Oliver is a student of International Relations at the University of Birmingham. After finishing the second year of his degree he decided to take a year out of university to undertake work experience related to his studies before embarking on the final year of his university course. On the first half of his year out he volunteered for International Citizen Service in India working to better the deliverance of government policies in rural Rajasthan.

In his role as a Youth Workshop Leader he would like to apply the lessons he has learnt on his development placement to engage young people in the concept of global citizenship. Asides from his interest in development, Oliver enjoys regularly competing in tennis tournaments, mixing music on his DJ decks, and racing down mountains on his skis.

Becky Musonda

Becky started her journey in international development at the age of 17 when she volunteered in Malawi as a teaching assistant. From this moment on, she knew she wanted to help improve the quality of life for people around the world which led her to study a degree in International Relations and Global Development. Whilst studying, she volunteered in Zambia on the International Citizen Service programme and has continued to visit Zambia since then, working on sustainable youth-led community projects.

Becky now works for Groundwork South Yorkshire as an engagement coach and hopes to use her experience to enhance DIA’s workshops as a youth workshop leader. She wants to carry on with her commitments towards development in Africa, and one day hopes to start a project of her own. Becky is very happy to be working with DIA and expects that her experience will help young people achieve a greater understanding of global issues.

Edward Musonda

Edward joined Development in Action in February 2017. Originally from Zambia, Africa, Edward came to the UK in 2016. After volunteering on the International Citizen Service programme, he continued to work on a number of development projects in Zambia. This involved volunteering as a Rotarian member, opening a children’s home for victims of abuse, and working with youth development charities to improve the prospects of young people in the community.

Edward is very interested in global issues that effects youths in decision making. He believes that every young person should have a voice no matter what society and country they are from, which is why he is passionate about being a workshop leader at DIA.

Edward is currently studying to pursue a career in nursing and spends his weekends travelling wherever he can in England, and walking his 2 dachshunds.

Pauline Niesseron

Pauline recently completed an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies and is now working as a Research officer at LSE. Her passion for everything international started early on when as a kid she moved from France to Switzerland and then Thailand for a couple of years. Before moving to London to study in 2015, she spent four years in Brazil working in the field of international business.

One of her key interests is the similarity between urban planning and international development: in addition to the international dimension of both fields, they share many similar questions around the ideas of sustainability, diversity, community engagement, local economic development, etc. She is therefore eager to teach young people about these themes to improve their understanding of international development and to give them an idea as to what it means to be a global citizen.