Our Workshop Leaders

Fully trained and experienced workshop leaders help deliver our Global Citizenship Workshops. For information on our fantastic leaders this year, please see below:

Bori Betlen

Bori Betlen
Bori is currently studying Management Science at the University College London. As a teenager she competed in showjumping whilst also volunteering in her local stable working with disabled kids. Before going to university she took a ski instructor course in New Zealand and then worked in Switzerland. Educating all age groups from different parts of the world was an eye opening experience for her.  In the summer of 2015, the refugee crisis peaked in her native Budapest and she felt the need to help as much as possible. This is one of the reasons why she got involved in promoting Global Citizenship with DiA.


Kim Buchan

Kim is studying International Development at University of East London, she is currently volunteering alongside NUS for their Green Impact Programme encouraging others to be proactive climate conscious citizens. Her passion for development came after spending an eye-opening three years seeing the world and gaining invaluable experiences. In this time Kim spent 10 weeks in India working alongside youths and empowering individuals in rural villages through awareness raising, community participation and advocacy, the focus of this International Citizen Service programme was health and sanitation. The opportunity to continue sharing this knowledge and teach about global citizenship is an exciting prospect for Kim.

Pauline Niesseron

Pauline recently completed an MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies and is now working as a Research officer at LSE. Her passion for everything international started early on when as a kid she moved from France to Switzerland and then Thailand for a couple of years. Before moving to London to study in 2015, she spent four years in Brazil working in the field of international business.

One of her key interests is the similarity between urban planning and international development: in addition to the international dimension of both fields, they share many similar questions around the ideas of sustainability, diversity, community engagement, local economic development, etc. She is therefore eager to teach young people about these themes to improve their understanding of international development and to give them an idea as to what it means to be a global citizen.

Takyiwa Danso

Takyiwa has always been interested in learning about social and environmental issues and how they affect our live globally. After completing her degree in Environmental Geography and International Development at UEA, she has worked with a number of humanitarian and development organiations to address this.

She has also extensively campaigned and promoted the positive work of young people, particularly in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals to tackle poverty and inequality.

From volunteering with VSO International Citizens Service in Kenya(2014) to representing the UK as a Youth Delegate at the United Nations General Assembly (2016), she has advocated for the inclusion of young people in wider decision-making spaces. Takyiwa now works for Able Child Africa and sits on the VSO International Board as a Youth Adviser.

George Hind

George is a Philosophy, Politics and Ethics student at the University of Brighton. They have a background in encouraging student-led activism at a local and national level, from this comes a motivation to facilitate the empowerment and education of young people. This, along with a passion for the matters of equality and sustainability to be addressed on a global scale, is what drove them to get involved with DiA as a Youth Workshop Leader.

Alongside their involvement with DiA, they also work with a community bicycle recycling organisation aiming to both improve access to sustainable transport and reduce waste. George is looking forward to organising future workshops which help young people see their issues as being ones that are shared globally, and therefore ones that be addressed through a sense of global citizenship.

Abaida Mahmood

Abaida Mahmood is an English teacher and a teacher trainer form London and took over her father’s found charity in 2002 in Lahore, Pakistan. The charity, Qurban & Surraya Educational trust has four schools and one degree college for girls and caters for 5000 pupils. She spent 10 years in Lahore, Pakistan with the vision of imparting quality teacher training in Pakistan. She is a trustee of Qurban & Surraya Educational trust and her voluntary services are not just limited to her institution. Her work has not only empowered and engaged hundreds of teachers but has transformed the lives of many young girls from dependent women into contributing members of the family and society. She moved back to London in 2012 but travels to Lahore frequently for overseeing the trust.

Currently she is running training workshops and programs for all those who are willing to learn and improve. She is a consultant trainer of QS training which was started last year in London and is dedicated to helping people in developing themselves. She travels extensively and have presented more than 500 papers and workshops nationally and internationally. Being a motivational speaker, her work has inspired many women into taking leadership roles. Her well known paper, ‘Home grown leadership models’ (for female leadership) has recently been researched upon. She is very honoured that her publications and papers are seen as novel and are being replicated by many educationists.

Sophie Andrews

Sophie studied Politics and Spanish at the University of Durham, following her interest in international affairs. During her year abroad she worked at CEIPA Business University in Medellín, Colombia, where she ran workshops for young entrepreneurs to support them in creating their own start-ups or improving their family businesses. This experience inspired her to pursue a career in international development, and the following summer she interned with the United Nations Development Programme in New York with the Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sophie is now studying the ‘Conflict, Security and Development’ MA at King’s College London, and is the MA representative for the Women in War and International Politics society. As a Workshop Leader, she hopes to encourage young people to engage with global issues and broaden their understanding of the world.

Hana Soma

Hana studies International Relations at King’s College London. She hopes to go into a career in diplomacy in the future. In an effort to achieve this, her work throughout high school and currently in university has been focused on the education sector: its promotion and reform.

Her passion for education in the context of international development came after taking part in building a school in Haiti two years ago, and since then, she has been involved in education in all aspects, from teaching to policy making. The continued passion and desire to promote education led her to the role of Youth Workshop Leader.

Anna Skinner

Anna is studying International Development at the University of Leeds, motivated by her passion for justice and interest in other cultures. This came initially from inspiring teachers and later from several insightful experiences abroad in East Africa and Latin America.  She currently volunteers with an organisation in Leeds working with female asylum-seekers, and also A21 – an organisation tackling trafficking and raising awareness.

As a Workshop Leader, she hopes to inspire young people to understand their role in the world in being a part of change where injustices and inequalities exist – whether 5 minutes or 5000 miles from their home!

Keleisha Robinson

Keleisha graduated with a Social Policy BA degree this year and is now working as a Trust and Statutory Fundraising Intern at the British Red Cross. She is also a volunteer campaigner at Croydon Community Against Trafficking where she works to inform and inspire locals to take action against modern slavery.

Since completing her degree and undertaking various advocacy roles, Keleisha has a strengthened belief that social and human rights issues are a global concern that warrant international solutions and interventions. With this sense of global citizenship, she is seeking career-related opportunities to create local and international positive social change.

At Development in Action, Keleisha is excited about empowering and supporting young people in learning about issues around global citizenship, and she hopes to encourage young people to discuss and take action on global issues that they feel most passionate about.