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We offer workshops to schools on a range of global development issues. For a recent example of one of our Global Citizenship Workshops, please see below:

Gender Equality Workshop – The Wirral – January 2017

In January 2017, Youth Workshop Leader Josh Bullen delivered our first Global Citizenship Workshop of the year on the subject of gender equality.

Josh delivered four 50-minute workshops at Calday Grammar School in the Wirral, Liverpool. He had this to say about his experience:

My experience of delivering the workshops made me feel very positive. I felt that I used my spare time well creating a project that I was enthusiastic about, and which positively impacted the students as well as having the chance to learn and develop personally and professionally.

The teachers were happy and surprised in some cases to see just how maturely some of their students engaged with a workshop on gender, particularly in an all boys’ school. The students themselves – especially the younger students – found it exciting and enjoyable to have their opinions heard and be taken seriously by their fellow students and an external workshop leader. Hopefully I am creating an encouraging example for these students by taking this kind of social action.

I wanted to deliver workshops for Development in Action because of their ethos of engaging young people in development issues and promoting global citizenship, both of which I agree as being fundamental to change. Young people must be engaged with global issues, both in a learning environment and later, by taking social action for the future.

School itself should be a forum for open discussion, opinions should be respected and the classroom should be a place where students feel confident and comfortable to voice them. When students are informed through facts and allowed to form their own opinions, their confidence increases and so will the level of future discussion.


As we continue to promote and recruit workshops for our global citizenships workshops programme, we’re always keen to work with not just schools, but wider youth groups and organisations too.

If your school/college or other youth organisation would like Development in Action to deliver a workshop on any topic around global citizenship then please contact for further details or to sign up.

If you are interested in volunteering to lead Global Citizenship Workshops, please click here for further information and how to apply.