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two men one carrying a child in bombed out street

Syria solutions

Conall Brown suggests some ways to bring about an end to the brutal war in Syria
Boats and sandbags on the shores of Lake Chad

Lake Chad: a forgotten crisis

Poverty, climate change and the influence of Boko Haram are causing a humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad Basin, which the world must address.

A Generation without Education

Can we live up to the promise of an education for all the children of world? Lisa Advani explores the choice between increasing spending...

The fate of child soldiers

Recent news has demonstrated that Aegis, a British security firm, has been hiring child soldiers. Here, Vanessa Cameron discusses new research that asks what...

The End of Boko Haram (Part Two)

  Since the fight against Boko Haram began, millions of people have been affected. Within the last year, there have been some military victories,...