Human Rights Watch Film Festival 18th to 27th March, 2015

After last years rave reviews, we are once again encouraging you to take the opportunity to attend Human Rights Watch Film Festival 2015 in London. This year, it brings a host of new and powerful films capturing both individual and community wide injustices.

In keeping with this focus of Development in Action, one of the main themes running through this year’s collection is the importance of young people in advocating and contributing to positive change:

Nearly every film in this year’s festival celebrates the power of individuals and communities to challenge and interrupt the status quo, whether societal taboos or family truths. Particularly heartening is how young people from all around the world are demanding change and transparency whether its through the democratic process or, on a more personal level, by knowing and challenging difficult family truths and taboos.”   John Biaggi, Festival Director

See the timetable and apply for tickets here

Last year, our series of reviews was well received and we urge any of you lucky enough to attend a screening and the subsequent Q&A to write in with a review or your thoughts. Email Joe Corry-Roake at

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