Our Current Interns


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My name is Maria Paola and I am interning in Pondicherry with Sharana. I have recently graduated in MSc Media and Communications at the LSE, London. Especially during my master, I have developed my interest in the moral implications of mediated communication in our contemporary public life, especially in the relationship between mediation, social action and cosmopolitan citizenship. This is why I specifically applied for DiA placement, since I share its values and efforts to promote global citizenship.

In particular, during my academic and professional experiences, I have focused on the analysis of the mediation of “human vulnerability” and (visual – discursive) media representations of the “Others”, through discourses of suffering, migration, war and poverty. Since the exposure and interaction with the others is nowadays mainly conveyed through the media, I believe it is essential to use their potential to make people become more aware about social and humanitarian issues and overtake boundaries.

My current placement at Sharana is allowing me to take a different (non-Western) perspective and to understand/experience how a local NGO works and what the needs of a developing country are in order to have a clear and truthful perspective I can use in my future career. Here, I deal especially with marketing and communication and I help the Chief Coordinator in different activities: concept and design of new Sharana’s flyer; written proposals for all Sharana’s programs for future donors (+ plan prospects for coming year); marketing and social media activities for Sharana’s products; pictures of each program in order to have a visual database of the organisation and pictures used to tell successful stories of Sharana’s beneficiaries through social media.

Finally, I am very keen on photography and India has disclosed innumerable visual surprises for my eyes so far. I also love painting and drawing. Finally, I cultivate my great passion for travelling and discovering different countries and cultures with my trips. I am really appreciating this experience since it is allowing me to join the Indian culture through an immersive experience and to be in touch with diversity, that I consider a valuable opportunity to learn, to call my perspective into question and to broaden my viewpoint.

My name is Iona and I’m a 21 year old student from the north of Scotland. I study Politics and International Relations at the University of Aberdeen and in the future I hope to go into a career centred around development with an environmental focus. I was particularly attracted to development in action because of their relationships with grassroots NGOs. To me, emphasis upon grassroots relations is incredibly important as it focuses more upon community needs and living standards, as opposed to international development schemes.

I love to travel and broaden my knowledge of other cultures and having never been to India, DiA was perfect! Being placed at Seva Mandir in Udaipur, Rajasthan has allowed me to become comfortable in a community that is so different to my own, and to learn and explore in my own time. Plus, it is eye opening to see how a non-governmental organisation operates in a country outside of Britain or even the Western Hemisphere.

My name is David and I’ve just finished my second year studying economics at the University of Edinburgh. I decided to apply for a Development in Action placement because I think that volunteering is a great way to travel whilst also having a positive impact upon the local community and experiencing the local culture. I also liked the emphasis that Development in Action put upon the sustainability of their projects.

I have previously volunteered in Thailand where I helped to install a fresh water system for a rural village, however this year I wanted to work more closely with members of the local community. From this experience, I hope to gain a wider understanding of Indian culture and the Indian economy, which I also believe will benefit me later in my studies, as I wish to apply for a masters in Economic Development.

Hi, my name is Thu. I’m a third year International Relations student at the London School of Economics. I’m a Vietnamese born and raised but have been living in London for 5 years. Having studied about International Organisations during my second year, I’ve developed a great interest in how NGOs have been able to transform the dynamics of the international system and thereby reinforces its importance in the recent years. Not only do I want to know the ways in which NGOs can influence state policy at a macro level, but I also want to understand the operation of their grassroots projects at a micro level, which is why I believe DiA internship would be invaluable in expanding my knowledge in both.

The placement with Deep Griha Society will show me how a NGO can find its place in a local community by tailoring its missions to cater for the needs of the local people. Being a part of their community empowering projects would be an invaluable experience for me to learn more about the socio-economic problems that hinder the development of many rapidly-growing countries, and how we can tackle them in the most effective and sustainable way. The vibrant and fast-paced life in India is somewhat similar to London but never have I been in a society that’s so multifaceted and rich in history. So I can’t wait to be on the road in order to learn more about the history of different regions of India and be immersed in their ways of life.

I just want to see the world, and believe I volunteering is a beautiful way to do it.

My name is Helen and I am interning with Sharana. This experience is a lot of firsts for me. It is my first time in Asia, it is my first time volunteering abroad, and it is my first time working with children. A few months ago I was looking for a summer internship abroad that could be both a learning experience as well as a holiday and I specifically applied for a Development in Action placement because I liked the philosophy of the organisation and the way it seemed it interact with its Indian partners.

As it turns out, my current placement with Sharana is an almost perfect fit. Working in the Streets and Slum children program, I help carry out activities, play with the children, write reports and proposals in English. I am getting to know and understand the Indian culture better with every passing day; I highly recommend the experience. This experience also acts as a perfect bridge between the end of my undergraduate studies in Economics and Politics in London and the beginning of my Master in International Relations and Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin. My time in India has given me a non Euro-centric perspective on International relations that I had not imagined before and I think will be an important asset in my future.

My name is Matt, and I graduated from Durham University with an LLM Master of Laws degree last September. Before that, I studied Law at City University London and studied abroad at the University of Queensland in Australia. I have previously volunteered with a legal charity and a Citizens Advice Bureau.

I applied to Development in Action’s India Programme due to the well-established relationships DiA hold with responsible NGOs in India and the support they provide throughout the internship. I am particularly interested in the governance of large organisations in both the public and private sectors, so am very much looking forward to gaining a different perspective whilst working with the Village Institutions Programme at Seva Mandir and looking at the governance of village committees that enable rural village residents to take control of their development.