About the India Programme

Please note our India Programme will not be running in 2020.

Development in Action promotes sustainable and responsible volunteering through our India Internship Programme. We offer placements with community-based organisations which we have worked with for many years. These organisations give young people the chance to work on grassroots development projects, whilst experiencing everyday life in India. Through the scheme, interns are encouraged to gain new skills and experience, and to engage in wider issues of global citizenship and sustainable development.  DiA placements offer the chance for participants to live and work independently, while also providing a strong support network and cultural orientation programme.

Cost and length of placements

We offer 2-month and 6-month placements, both of which usually begin in July. We ask interns to contribute £800 to the cost of a 2-month placement and £1800 to the cost of a 6-month placement. As DiA is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation, this fee is to cover the costs of the programme. We encourage interns to fundraise their placement fees; details of cost breakdown and the fundraising support and guidance we offer interns can be found here.

Partner organisations

All interns will be placed with a partner organisation based in India. Over the past 20 years, we have worked closely with a number of small community-based organisations in various locations across the country. We work hard to match intern skills with the needs of our partner organisations. Details of all our partner organisations can be found here.

We also encourage each intern to complete a personal project either during or after their placement. Examples of projects completed by previous interns can be found here.

Visit our Previous Interns and Testimonials page to read about how former India Programme participants found their experience, and what they gained from it.


Participants in the India Programme will be fully supported to get the most out of their placement, and to have a sustainable impact while in India. The UK-based selection day and training will introduce interns to DiA, our view on global citizenship, and will help interns fully prepare for their India placements. The India Intern Coordinator provides in-country support to our interns, running the Orientation Week in Pune, India, and visiting interns and partners during their placements. On return to the UK, the DiA committee will deliver a debriefing and post-placement support workshop, allowing interns to carry forward their experiences both in their professional life and through further involvement with DiA.

Continued involvement with DiA

After completing their placement, interns are encouraged to join the DiA Committee and contribute to running the organisation or to draw on their experiences as a Global Citizenship Workshop leader. Other short-term opportunities include contributing to the DiA Blog and getting involved with our fundraising activities.

Apply to the India Programme

If you are interested in applying to DiA’s India Programme, please click here for details of how to apply.

Download our India Programme leaflet here.

If you have any queries about the India Programme, please visit our FAQs page or contact india@developmentinaction.org for further information.