Internship Projects


We ask all interns to complete a personal project during or after their placement. It can take a number of different formats, and aims to provide a focus for reflection and learning.  We try to integrate these projects into our Global Citizenship Workshops and our other activities in the UK, allowing interns to contribute to the wider work of DiA. This is another way that DiA ensures that our placements are sustainable with impacts lasting beyond the initial 2 or 6 months.

In the past, interns have produced a variety of work representing a wide range of interests, including: blogs, photography, videos, design work & reports so there really is no limit to what you can achieve. Below are just some of the areas that our interns have submitted over the past couple of years:

Josh decided to play to his strengths and led a series of textile design workshops. ‘I did consider other options but this made complete sense as it had the potential to develop, even when I was no longer in India’ he says. His project is ongoing because it relies on digital processes which means that he can continue to work with material produced from his workshops online. “I wanted to be able to continue working after my placement had finished so took loads of work back to London with me and made digital copies of everything. I used my initiative to identify an area where I could help the NGO that I worked with and made plans for the future to ensure that this work carried on for a long time.” Despite the workshops taking place in India, the fabric was in fact produced in London. ‘I went to well-trusted company, Bags of Love for the fabric, worked with an excellent pattern cutter and I’m making plans to go back to Pune this year to show everyone the finished work!


Workshop 2

Matt decided to document his placement by making a blog. We advise all of our interns to keep a blog as it’s an effective way for the committee to see what they’ve been up to. We keep in touch with everyone but sometimes schedules and time differences mean it isn’t always possible to get an instant response. Therefore, a blog is the perfect way to reflect and share your experience with everyone while keeping us up to date.

You can read Matt’s blog here.

Selina, one of our summer interns, filmed a 1 second clip everyday during our placement. Click below to watch this and watch the whole DiA internship experience condensed into just 1 minute, 15 seconds.