International Women’s Day 2011

DiA’s Development Education Officer, Jessie Kirk, reports on the thousands of events that are taking place across the world on March 8th, as part of the 100th International Women’s Day. From Kentucky to Kathmandu, the universality of this occasion serves to demonstrate the day’s global importance.

This year we are celebrating 100 years since the first International Women’s Day, where over one million people campaigned for women’s democratic rights to vote, work and stop discrimination. Now every year, on the 8th March, women across all continents join together to celebrate the achievements of women past, present and future.

Suffragettes fought for women’s rights to vote, and International Women’s Day (IWD) is an opportunity to honour their achievements, which helped to shape the lives of subsequent generations of women. But it is also a day to fight against the many challenges we still face.

On the IWD website, almost 2,000 events were registered to be taking place across the world. From London’s Millennium Bridge to the national holidays in Russia, women are marching and rallying for change. The All Nepal Women’s Association joined together in the streets of Kathmandu to fight for equal pay and to demand information about all those who went missing during the Maoist uprising in Nepal.

Out of the 400 plus events taking place across the UK, there has been an abundance of performances and exhibitions showcasing the remarkable achievements of female artists, who are bravely tackling development issues that effect us all. These have included the Nancy Spero Exhibition at London’s Serpentine Gallery, celebrating the radical work of the American artist, activist, and feminist, and a showcase of monologues ‘That Takes Ovaries’ at Unity Theatre, Liverpool.

The work of these artists showcased during and around International Women’s Day, goes to show the inspirational work of women artists available to the general public all year round. So make sure you make the most of our female artists, and get out and about to the countless free exhibitions available all seasons across the country!

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