NEW BLOG EDITORS- kicking off on Development Information Day

Welcome to the new blog!

We thought it would be fitting to introduce our new Blog Editors, Joe Corry-Roake and Sidra Khalid on Development Information Day, a day designed to “to draw the attention of world public opinion to development problems” through the use of new technologies such as the internet.  The Development in Action blog seeks to build on this idea every day of the year.

Over the next year we will be continuing with pieces by our great contributors, both new and old, on specific issues close to their hearts, opinion and comments on current affairs along with some short and thought-provoking content you can share with your friends.

We will also be hearing from our devoted international volunteers as they describe their experiences before, during and after their time in India. This is an excellent chance for anyone who is thinking of volunteering overseas to get an idea of the rewards and struggles that the experience can bring. Also, we will be bringing a brand new segment involving DiA’s work on development education workshops in English schools.

We want to thank the outgoing blog editors Louisa Jones and Richard Moran for all their wonderful work and for giving us the opportunity to continue and build upon their efforts.

If you are interested in contributing for the new DiA blog then please contact us at either or

Thank you very much!



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