The DiA Blog
Now in its fifth year, the Blog provides a stimulating yet supportive online space in which to discuss current events and trends in International Development. Through it, we hope to engage young people in global issues and promote global citizenship. See below for our latest posts. We hope you enjoy exploring The DiA Blog.
Illustration of Trump's face
Illustration of the earth burning in flames
Woman wearing African headscarf with three children smiling
Mamina Roba - a malnourished 2 year old in Ethiopia
Antonio Gutteres speaks at the launch of the Syria Humanitarian Response Plan and Syria Regional Response Plan as UN High Commissioner for Refugees in 2013
A Somali Community celebrate Australia day in Adelaide
Child Soldier Bazooka Graffiti | blxentro
Ruins in Palmyra, Syria | Juan Llanos
Protests erupt at Tahrir Square in Egypt during the Arab Spring
Fidel Castro pictured by Reuters in 2006 breaking the news that the dictator was 'near death' at the age of 80.
Activists Yarn Bomb a bridge in Berlin, Germany in 2014 for LGBT rights
two men one carrying a child in bombed out street
woman and man with group of protesters behind them. Woman is carrying banner about labor rights.
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