As well as our Blog Officers Jenny and Luke, we have many contributors to our blog. We are currently looking for new contributors to the blog, both regulars and guest. Please email with your CV and a writing sample if you are interest. See below for our regular contributors and guest contributors:


Regular Contributors

Carlos Arturo Aguilar holds an MA in International Political EconomyCarlos Arturo Aguilar (2) from the University of Sheffield. He is freelance researcher and writer. Carlos is particularly interested in security, migration, sustainable development, and education affairs. These interests st
emmed while being very close to migrants’ (legal & illegal) work conditions in Canada and the United Kingdom. He has experience as a Learning Specialist and a research assistant for institutions such as the University of Sheffield (UK), the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies (USA) and the Embassy of Mexico in The Hague, Holland. He is due to begin a research on human trafficking in Mexico with the University of Durham.

Howletts Animal Park (1)Dean Hochlaf has recently graduated with an MSc in International Finance and Economic Development from the University of Kent. His studies helped shape his interest in the field of development economics, and his main interests revolve around growth and trade theory, and how economic policies can bring about sustainable development, poverty alleviation and reduced inequality. He hopes to embark on a career in international development, and one day pursue further study.

Amy Dickens is a Human Rights masters graduate from Universityunnamed College London. She is a keen researcher and writer, engaging with issues at the intersection of international development, human rights, business and the environment. She has worked for Survival International, Rights and Humanity, and Lepra, and written for The Ecologist. Amy aspires to a career in policy and research, and is always on the lookout for new opportunities in her areas of interest.

Adam GrechAdam Grech is an alumnus of Texas Christian University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and received his bachelor’s degree in Political Science. He has worked in law and politics and is pursuing his master’s degree at Durham University where he will be studying Defense, Development, and Diplomacy. His writing and research stem from his interests in the relationship between development and security, as well as economics, and international relations.  

Anja Nielsen was born in the UK to Danish parents and has lived in theAlFN 2016 US, England, Denmark and India. She graduated from the University of Reading with a degree in English Literature and International Relations in 2014 and has since worked for a variety of charities, large and small. Currently, Anja manages an international young persons’ writing competition and works on a number of other projects that support her strong belief in the right to education for all children. Follow her on Twitter at @anjanielsen_.

Harriet King is a Journalism with Spanish Graduate who studied at bio-photoKingston University, London. She was formally the editor of the award-winning River Newspaper, the founder of, and has various published reports on the refugee crisis in Northern France. Her interests are primarily human rights, refugee migration, and international development. Currently on a year abroad travelling Asia and Australia, she will return to the UK in September 2017 to complete a masters degree in Conflict, Governance and International Development – hoping to one day work with counter-terrorism.

Rabia Nasimi is an MSc Candidate in Sociology (Research) at LSE.veqhyeof
She is a keen researcher and writer, engaging with issues of ethnic identity, nationalism, refugees and counter-extremism. She has five years experience in an NGO environment, writing fundraising proposals, delivering and evaluating projects.  Rabia aspires to a career in policy and research, and endeavours to go to Afghanistan and translate her knowledge and experience there.  You can follow her on Twitter at @rabianasimi.

photo-2016-10-03Georgia Banjo is a History graduate from Oxford University who has loved profiling countries of the world since the age of 8 (albeit then she used crayons and pictures from travel brochures). She is currently working for Oxfam and would like to pursue a master’s in international relations next year. She is particularly interested in African politics and the impact of American and Chinese foreign policy.


Sammy Fookes is a final year International Business student atimg_5258 the University of Liverpool. After graduating, he hopes to gain experience in the Development sector with an NGO before completing a Masters in International Development. He hopes this will lead to a career in the development sector. His main interests include development policy concerning health, how the private sector can engage in global development, and education.


Sam Airey holds an MSc in Sustainable Development from sam-airey-prof-picUppsala University, Sweden.He
has spent time working with WWF in Guyana and as a researcher with the policy think-tank Chatham House in the UK. His interests focus on imbalances of power and social justice associated with the environment, having worked within areas of illegal logging, renewable energy, indigenous land rights and climate-development policies. Sam is also keenly engaged in
communicating the challenges and importance of action towards long-term sustainability.

Hannah Hills holds a Bachelors degree in International Development from the University dscn3665-2of Sussex, and a Masters degree in Human Rights from the University of Oslo. She has worked in
the UK, Uganda, Madagascar, and Norway for a number of different development and human rights NGOs. She is currently based in Oslo, Norway and working as a freelance researcher for Nislo Research. Hannah is interested in issues on migration and refugee rights, as well as counter-terrorism and human rights issues.

Allana Yurko
has recently completed a B.Sc. degree in Business Management at King’s College
London. She has worked on campaign finance reform with Public Citizen, researched lobbying activities at King’s College London, and assisted engagement work at the criminal justice charity User Voice. Her experience in democracy and criminal justice reform has strengthened her interest in political corruption, social justice, and economic policy. She hopes to complete a master’s degree in political science before pursuing a career in research and policy analysis.

Rosa Brown
holds an MA in Conflict, Security and Development from the University of Exeter. During her degree, Rosa assisted her academic tutor and his research into extra-territorial security in Central Asia and subsequently co-authored an article published by The Foreign Policy Centre in November 2016. She is the current Blog Editor for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and hopes to embark on a career in the non-profit sector. Rosa is a learner of both Arabic and Welsh.


Kara Van Scoyoc is a recent graduate from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a MSc in International Migration and Public Policy.  Her main areas of interest are in protection and resettlement of forced migrants and economic development as a means for capacity building.  She currently works in Washington D.C. in the international development sector for a company implementing USAID projects. Kara has worked on development projects in the Dominican Republic and Uganda and plans to continue fieldwork during her career.



Christy O’Neil is a first-year history student at St Andrews University, who is an aspiring journalist with a love for all forms of writing. She has a peculiar passion for television and film, especially drama, and an eccentric interest in history and how it impacts current affairs.



Jessica Schofield-Wood holds a BA in European Studies and Spanish from King’s College, London, and has experience working on development projects in Ghana and Tanzania. She currently works for a small NGO in Northern Peru, writing fundraising proposals and managing an environmental education project. Her interests include the environment, Latin America, human rights and indigenous issues.



Brittany Regner is an environmental economist, who has worked on Hurricane recovery efforts both in New York City and Puerto Rico. She holds her MSc in Environmental Policy and Sustainability Management from The New School, coupled with her BSc in Environmental Economics from Rutgers University. Brittany promises the Earth is not flat, and thus we have much work to do; she believes that proactivity and passion will drive a better world. Her interests intersect establishing profitable economic practices engrained in measurable environmental consciousness. She uses her experience, and her writing, to create a shared vision of progressive movements within the industry.


Myriam Fayad holds a bachelor’s degree in Modern Oriental Languages and Literatures from the Free University of Brussels. After spending one year between Tunisia, where she further studied Arabic, and Lebanon, where she worked as a teaching assistant in a Syrian refugee camp, she is now back to Brussels where she has started a Masters in Population and Development studies.  Her interests focus on development issues in the MENA region, with a special focus on the Syrian crisis.


Our guest contributors include: Caroline Townsend, Connie Fisher, Sabrina Marsh, Hannah Loryman, Lorraine Patch, Thomas Augur,  Zoe Nutter, Samantha Griffith, Andrew Stretton and Richa Kapoor.