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Now in its fifth year, the Blog provides a stimulating yet supportive online space in which to discuss current events and trends in International Development. Through it, we hope to engage young people in global issues and promote global citizenship. See below for our latest posts. We hope you enjoy exploring The DiA Blog.

Exit Priti Patel

International Development Secretary Priti Patel was forced to resign on 9th November. Has Theresa May made the right choice appointing Penny Mordaunt to replace her, asks Sammy Fookes

Global Migration and Economic Empowerment: The Wage Crisis Faced by Refugees

As crisis in the Middle East and North Africa spreads, thousands have sought safety abroad as refugees seeking political asylum. Here, Adam Grech examines the complex relationship between the needs of those seeking asylum in host nations. Also, he considers the distinct policy gaps that exist in fully addressing migration challenges, and the ultimate success of those searching for a new home.

Investing in the future of street children: the StreetInvest approach

After completing an internship in Jamaica working in the field with a government development agency, Reni came back to the UK with the desire to learn more about how development works in an international context. She came across StreetInvest, a small international NGO focusing on street children. Little did she know that StreetInvest is about much more than bringing street children back to school or home, the approaches that she had encountered in my field work.

What We Do: DiA UK Workshops

Development in Action’s  mission is to promote global citizenship by improving understanding of and engagement in development issues amongst young people in the UK. Our Global Citizenship Workshops are one of the key ways in which we achieve this. Some of our UK Workshop leaders – Pauline Niesseron and Oliver Deacock have written about their experiences running our Global Citizenship Workshops, and the important lessons they have learnt whilst working for DiA.

Is the UK Aid budget under threat from Conservative reforms?

A recent opinion article by Zoe Williams highlighted the dubious spending of the UK Aid budget on private, for-profit investments in developing countries which masquerade as projects in the best interests of the most vulnerable in society. Luke Humphrey investigates the Conservative Party policy on the UK Aid budget and what it means for the future of UK Aid.