Development Education Events


This page will showcase monthly development education events held by the UK/Fundraising teams and other events held around universities.


In July this year, DiA held a development education film screening at the Gallery Café in Bethnal Green.

DiA premiered the screening of Land Rush, a Why Poverty? documentary followed by a short discussion. The documentary asked whether Mali’s farmers can combat food shortages and escape poverty on their own terms.

Synopsis: In 2008, the world’s food system began to fall apart. Threatened with hunger, rich countries started buying up land in the developing world and transforming agriculture. 75% of Mali’s population are farmers, but rich, land-hungry nations like China and Saudi Arabia are leasing land in the country and turning large areas into agribusiness farms. 

The film received a great response from the audience and provoked intellectual debate amongst young people towards food security.

More information about Development Education events will be made available by the UK team very shortly. Please visit this page regularly for future updates.

If you would like to partner with DiA to hold a development education event such as a film screening, Q and A session or networking event then please contact: for further information.