Development Education & Global Citizenship


DiA’s mission is to “promote global citizenship by improving understanding and encouraging engagement in development issues amongst young people in the UK”.  This is achieved through all our volunteering opportunities, both in India and the UK.

DiA understands global citizenship to include:

  • Understanding of global issues, including global interdependence
  • Awareness of the impact that an individual’s choices make on the world and others around them
  • Active citizenship, through personal actions, education and engagement.

Bi-annual Global Citizenship Forum

Every two years DiA hosts its Global Citizenship Forum with the purpose to discuss, debate and engage young people in global development issues. The first Forum was held in June 2013 at UCL in partnership with student society, The Universal Party and was attended by University of London students and young professionals based in London.

This year we have partnered with Tenteleni to host the 2015 Global Citizenship Forum ‘At Homes and Overseas: the impact of young volunteers’.

The forum will be an interactive, audience-led discussion and Q&A on the contribution of young volunteers to development. More information, including that of guest speakers at

In 2013…

Jonathan Fryer, Daniela Papi and Dr. Nicole Blum came together as a panel, along with then DiA Trustee Katie Hill to discuss ‘What is Global Citizenship? ‘The event was attended by over 60 people with over 90% of attendees rating the event ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’.